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Thank you for stopping by!!  Check out the information on Impact Daycamps and updates on the medical clinic in Haiti!


Several months ago, a generous, life-long WNY'er came to me and said: "Steve, I want to do more.  I want to leave a legacy of impact."  And with that conversation began the hopes and dreams of:

The WNY Impact Foundation.

A mission was created, a vision was cast, a Board was formed and so the journey began, all under the value of the financial assets of the Impact Foundation having a direct and lasting effect on the people of WNY.  These funds will allow hurting people to be served.  And at the same time, empower other gifted WNY'ers to serve, locally and internationally. 

No overhead.  No administrative costs.  No blockades up against tranparency.

Just impact.

Join us in the months ahead as we build these resources and begin this impact, from Buffalo all the way to Haiti. 

And consider giving financially to this new not-for-profit adventure with so much potential to impact WNY.

Steve Biegner,
Executive Director
WNY Impact Foundation


This is a picture of the first school building (the house with half a red roof) we used in Ile a Vache.  It was the school's founders home where his mom lived.  We used it currently for a kindergarden class.

#resisthate #nourishlove

The WNY Impact Foundation is proud to begin a movement of love in the face of hatred.  As others refer to people from Haiti and countries in Africa as less than those in the US, we want to respond with a way to give to specific projects that will allow us to so: You're wrong!

Our latest campaign and details can found at the following link: GoFundMe  Or you can give through the PayPal link below.

We hope that you will join us in giving to these projects in Haiti and Malawi as we #resisthate and #nourishlove.

Bondye bene ou! (God bless you)
Steve Biegner

Guest Book

We'd love to know where you are connecting from and how you heard about WNY Impact Foundation.
Check out the video from Alex Currie about the people of Haiti.

Click here to see Alex's video from his recent trip to Grace School and Church.

Daily Bread Food Truck Mission begins! 

In July 2016, WNY Impact Foundation and St. Paul's Lutheran Church launched the areas first non-profit food share truck.  Our mantra: "get one, give one."  For every breakfast sandwich purchased, a sandwich is provided to a hungry family in need in the neighborhood.  Check out the Daily Bread web site for more details on where we will be in 2017!  Then come on out and have one of the best breakfasts you'll ever experience!


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