Healing Haiti Video

 Healing Haiti is a short form documentary showing the state of healthcare in Haiti and what the WNY Impact Foundation is doing to help.

We are not in this alone!

 In 2016, Scott Jones, President of Gordon W. Jones Associates Architects, traveled to Ile a Vache to meet the incredible people of Grande Plaine, listen to the needs of the community and begin designing a medical care facility that would serve the entire island.  After conversations with medical mission teams and Project Starfish partners, a group of Virginia doctors looking to commit to consistent visits to Ile a Vache and funding a full time medical professional to be housed in the clinic, the final plans have come together. 

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 Instead of cramped, dark, unsterile spaces in the Church of Grace or other make shift quarters, doctors and health care professionals will be able to travel to Haiti and work in a clinic with proper equipment and facilities to better treat our Haitian friends.  Plus, the clinic's second floor will house the doctor that will be onsite full time so that as medical needs arise, Ile a Vache residents will not have to travel to the wharf, find the money for a boat to the mainland, only to go to the hospital in Les Cayes which is already ill equipped and underserved.

This project is part of our continuous story to help Haiti reconstruct and rebuild to become self-sufficient.  The people of Haiti do not have the infrastructure support that we do in the United States.  There is simply no comparison. 

However, the WNY Impact Foundation makes it a priority in everything we do to employ and train the Haitian people to be self sufficient.  When solar power was put in, people in the village were trained to maintain it.  When the school was graduating students, a trade school was opened so they had skills that would help them get jobs.  And now when we build the clinic, we will use 100% Haitian labor and engineering.  

Check out the timeline of WNY Impact Foundation's work with Grace Ministries over the past several years.

We are not in this alone!!

WNY Impact Foundation has been working with Grace Ministries since 2010.

Caribbean Children's Foundation manages all of the work and sponsorships at Grace School and Orphanage.

Project Starfish has come on board to lift up a local Haitian to be trained as a doctor at the clinic, travel consistently to Ile a Vache to bring medical professionals and help coordinate services from other visiting teams from the USA. www.projectstarfishhaiti.net