About Us

Mission of the WNY Impact Foundation:

To assist WNY'ers in impacting the lives of individuals and organizations through financial backing allowing them to impact others.

Vision: The Impact Foundation's mission will succeed through


  1. Giving yearly gifts to individuals and organizations that will allow them to impact others. 
  2. Continually inviting others to share in this mission and help build the Foundation’s financial resources. 
  3. Personal relationships with recipients that will allow the Foundation to nurture, support and holistically resource each recipient.



  1. The teachings of Jesus. 
  2. Leaving a legacy in each individual recipient and organization. 
  3. Standing in the Gap where others have missed. 
  4. Health and wholeness. 
  5. Using the Foundation’s impact locally, nationally and internationally for the sake of the mission.

What does the Impact Foundation do?

1.  The Foundation is run completely by volunteer support.  Our Board, the Director and those who do the behind the scenes work are motivated by the blessings they have received in life and just want to give back to the community.  

2.  The Daily Bread Food Truck builds the price points of the meals so that our only overhead is the cost of food supplies and chefs.  All other staff and Leadership team for the truck are volunteers.  We are thankful to grants and generous donations from WNY'ers that purchased the truck leaving us debt free.

3.  Impact Day Camps began in 2014 and are expanding to FOUR weeks in 2017.  Each week is at a different site to help reach as many kids as possible.  Although, we have found that because the kids have such a great experience, they often go for multiple weeks.

1.  The Foundation continues to help build Grace School and Ministries in Ile a Vache, Haiti.  The Impact Foundation has been an integral force in sending solar power and supplies down to the school and village.  The Foundation continues to support young adults in WNY with the costs of their travel for mission trips.